DNF This year may have been a record year for books I didn’t finish. I quit 24 books in 2023.

In 2021, I finally decided to embrace the idea of not finishing a book. I enjoy keeping a list of the ones I don’t finish because sometimes, at a different time in life, it will be the right book and something I may really enjoy.

These are the previous posts of books I didn’t finish:

One of the reasons I chose to do this in the first place is because I read/listen to A LOT of books (I read/listened to 151 books in 2023, 136 in 2022 and 150 in 2021). Sometimes I just can’t get into the story/characters and find I am getting distracted and not paying attention or I am just struggling to want to read/finish it. In these cases, I choose to just move on.

One hard thing for me to realize was that the world won’t end if I decide not to finish a book. I am a huge advocate for reading. And reading whatever you want and makes you happy. Who cares what that book is or what genre it’s in. If you like it….READ IT.

Your time is valuable, so if you aren’t feeling a book, stop. Spend your time on something you enjoy.

Here are the books that I DNF and just couldn’t get into this year - with a few notes on some of them.


header Ponder This:

  • What are your feelings on not finishing books?
  • What are some books you never finished?
  • Do you ever go back and try again with books your couldn’t get through the first time?
  • Have you read any of these books I didn’t finish? Did you like them? Dislike them?