Welcome to my Book Club page! I started this book club many years ago when my oldest was very young. We are nearing 9 years for this little group that has changed and grown over the years. Currently, we have a group on Facebook where we do a lot of our communication. I also recently learned about Amazon Book Clubs and added our group on there as well.

Most of the members of book club are avid readers even if they aren’t reading our current book. We love to talk about all things book-related and we also really like doing puzzles. We would love if you wanted to join us and give your input about current books you are reading, thoughts on the books we are reading, puzzles you are doing or anything else you can think of!

We pick a book from our book picks list for each month and meet in person or virtually at the end of each month. We read one book for December/January since we don’t meet at the end of December. I try to get books chosen for about 6 months at a time so people have time get on waiting lists if need be.

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