books I read 6 books in June. Summer tends to be really busy, so I don’t have nearly as much time for books as I do during the school year. If you want a little more on my thoughts for each of the books, check out my bookstagram page - @minihaysreads.

Here is a link for each of the books. I hope you find something that looks interesting to you.

  1. The Doughnut Fix by Jessie Janowitz

  2. The Doughnut King by Jessie Janowitz

  3. Days Of Distraction by Alexandra Chang

  4. Library Of Lost And Found by Phaedra Patrick

  5. This Is The Journey by Alison Malee

  6. Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson


Please note that these links are Amazon Smile links and my supporting organization is our local library.

header Ponder This:

  • Have you read any of these books?
  • Are there any new-to-you books on this list you might be interested in?
  • Which of these books sounds the most interesting to you?