books Here are the 14 books I read in March. There were a couple that were repeat authors (3 by one author and 2 by another).

I did end up changing my instagram format and the way I post my books. I may change again next month. But this was kind of fun so I may stick to this for a little while. It made me a little more excited to create the posts throughout the month. And since it is all just really journaling for me, it needs to be something I enjoy.

If you want a little more on my thoughts for each of the books, check out my bookstagram page - @minihaysreads.

Here is a link for each of the books. I hope you find something that looks interesting to you.

  1. Oh, William by Elizabeth Strout

  2. Lucy By The Sea by Elizabeth Strout

  3. Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey by Erin Entrada Kelly

  4. Mika In Real Life by Emika Jean

  5. Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman

  6. The Seed Keeper by Diane Wilson

  7. I Was Told It Would Get Easier by Abbi Waxman

  8. Wildoak by C.C. Harrington

  9. The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

  10. In The Lives Of Puppets by T.J. Klune

  11. You Don’t Have To Be Everyting by Diane Whitney

  12. The Book Of Hope by Jane Goodall & Douglas Abrams

  13. You Could Make This Place Beautiful by Maggie Smith

  14. Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman


header Ponder This:

  • Have you read any of these books?
  • Are there any new-to-you books on this list you might be interested in?
  • Which of these books sounds the most interesting to you?