yoga Yesterday, while talking with a friend, we decided to start a yoga challenge together. We called in another yoga friend and started a little group.


I woke up early, without my alarm and headed to my mat. It was glorious. I knew I needed some stretching and my body was tight, but I didn’t realize just how wonderful it would be.

There is a poem on the yoga challenge I wanted to share.


A whisper
A wave
A friend
A vehicle
A birthright
An opportunity
To grow
To ourselves
And one another

Tomorrow I’m going to move my mat upstairs (the basement was too cold) and I found I loved doing the exercise with headphones. It helped me to focus and drown out the sounds of the house. I love doing yoga in the morning because its dark and quiet and peaceful.


I realize we didn’t start on January 1st. And that’s ok. We started. And I’m so happy to have a couple friends to do this with to keep me focused and on track! I created a little yoga workout tracker for us to track our progress and help keep us accountable.


header Ponder This:

  • Do you like yoga?
  • Have you done a yoga challenge before?
  • Have you tried yoga with Adriene before?
  • If you don’t do yoga, why not?