March Oh, how we Minnesotans love March. It’s the first glimpse of spring that we get after our long winter. When it snows in March we aren’t thrilled, but we also know better than to assume that a couple warm days means winter is over.

But on those occasional 50* days, you bring out the freezies, or shorts. You schedule walks and outings with friends like you’ve been hibernating for ages.

March brings such joy to me because it feels like the snow is not the only thing thawing out. I am, too. By around March, I’m always starting to feel a little down. So much inside time, not enough time in the sun and feeling like we are so secluded from the outside world because Minnesota is COLD.


This year, in particular, has made me feel very down. With the loss of my dad, Chuck getting COVID for a second time on the 6 month anniversary of my dad’s death, missing friends, not having made many new friends here, not starting some projects I wanted to start, and finding it hard to find the motivation for anything has made this winter feel especially hard and heavy.

I was recently able to sit at a new friend’s house the other night. Another day I went on a walk with a dear friend and grabbed lunch and coffee (tea for me). And I have another walk and lunch planned in a couple weeks. These small things were literally what I needed to feel a little tiny jolt of a recharge. Not fully yet, but I could taste the happiness. The joy. The plans for future hangouts.

March in Minnesota can feel long, but also filled with hope. It might be slushy and mushy outside, but know that spring will help rid you of any slushiness or mushiness you are feeling. I know I am looking forward to that.


header Ponder This:

  • What are some things that made this winter feel long for you?
  • Have you done anything recently to excite you for spring and summer?
  • What are you most looking forward to as winter thaws out?