Uvalde I have some feelings on the events that have happened recently. I had this written but hadn’t posted it yet.

Why are people carrying guns into a school and killing 21 people - 19 KIDS and 2 TEACHERS, injuring and changing the lives of 17 others and killing their grandmother beforehand? Why are people bringing guns into a grocery store and killing 10 innocent people? Why is a mother carrying around a shotgun and then shooting her 6 year old “up to 9 times”? Why are we allowing this to continue? How is this possible and happening in 2022?

I know how it is happening, but WHY? Just why? There are ways to fix this. Other countries don’t have the problems we do. And the teachers. Oh my goodness. The stress these teachers have gone through the past couple years just blow my mind. Covid, teaching children to hide under desks form shooters, being trained to protect our babies from shooters and hoping they don’t have to make the hardest decision of their lives about whom to save. This is horrific and something no one should have to worry about.

The prevalence of this is mind boggling. I can’t wrap my head around these tragedies that are happening seemingly all the time. And there is nothing being done to change it. People are being elected into office to continue to uphold outdated and worthless laws. Change needs to happen. We can’t make changes to gun laws to save our children and loved ones, but we can certainly put rules on what I do to and with my body? Where is the logic or the sense in any of that? Let’s protect the babies that are here now.

I want to include that I know there are other factors involved. Or there can be other factors. Mental Health, trauma, a plethora or things, but the fact that people can get their hands on this typw of weapon is what is not OK.

I am outraged. I am heartbroken. I am so sad. I am writing notes to our teachers and thanking them for all they do. The enormity of their jobs, especially lately, is not going unnoticed. I’m hugging my babies. Too many parents are not able to hug their kids or tuck them in at night or watch them grow up because of gun violence.

So I’ll ask again. What is wrong with people? Where is kindness and love and logic? Where is acceptance and tolerance, protection and feeling safe? I hope the coming generations do a better job than what is happening right now.