Let’s see. What might someone want to know about me? Probably not nearly as much as I am going to tell you. First, my old web playground was andihays.net. I started this new space for a place to learn more and for a bit of a change. You can read more at my welcome post.


I am married to Chuck who is an amazing guy and the best husband and dad out there. We live in Minnesota and are the proud parents of two girls, Madeline (Maddie – Feb. 2011) and Danielle (Dannie – Nov. 2012) and a boy, Alexander (Alex – Nov. 2014).

Chuck & Andi

Hays Crew

We are busy people. I am a tad bit lazy by nature, but thankfully Chuck doesn’t sit still very well and keeps us active. We do projects around the house (he’s VERY handy), take trips, go camping, go boating, go tubing (we love being on the lake!), go fishing, bike ride, swim, go on walks, downhill ski, play hockey, play softball, he coaches hockey and softball for the kids and a multitude of other things. Life’s too short to sit around. A lot of our recent activities include parks or activities to entertain the kiddos!

Family Hockey

Along with being very active, we are advocates for STEM and STEAM. We are teaching our kids all about coding, math, science, technology and art, have robots all over the house and a dedicated room for crafts, building and being creative. We host two First LEGO League Jr. teams with our kids and some of their friends. It has been such an amazing experience to help these kids get excited about programming and seeing their ideas come to life.

I used to work full time as a legal assistant at an Intellectual Property law firm (they specialize in patents and trademarks). I decided to stay home with our oldest after a traumatizing delivery. In September 2013, Some of the attorneys I used to work with started their own firm and I started working for them remotely. I do transcription, documnet preparation and billing for them from home. I love being able to work at home to be available for the kids. But with my youngest starting Kindergarten in the fall, I am feeling ready to start working full time somewhere. COVID has changed things, so we are not sure what going back to school (and work) will look like in the fall yet.

I went back to school before my oldest was born for a couple semesters to try my hand at Computer Science. I didn’t pursue it and wish I had stuck with it. I am currently working on learning more JavaScript because i am fascinated by web development. I love working on websites and playing around on them. So I am working on learning more front-end and back-end stuff and I’ll see where it takes me. I am learning some Jekyll as well to make more websites from scratch. I would really like to find a job doing something in tech. I know this is something I love and just need to find the right fit for me in the world of tech.

Here are a couple websites I have created, helped with, or maintained:

  • Kelly, Holt & Christenson, PLLC

    This is an intellectual property (patents and trademarks) law firm that I work for. They are a small firm providing big results with a powerhouse team of employees.

  • Operation HighGround

    This is a non-profit company my dad organized to help soldiers reintegrate into the community after serving our country.

  • Ganser’s Goodies

    A friend and former neighbor started a baking business to sell her delicious goodies. I was so honored that she asked me to help her put together a storefront for her to sell her baked goods. If you ever need some tasty treats for an event or just because, she’s your girl!

  • andihays.net

    My previous blog and web playground where I learned to use Wordpress and developed skills pertaining to developing, editing and maintianing my own site.

I also LOVE to read. I listen to audio books ALL the time (while doing dishes, chores, running, in the car, any spare minute I can find) and read on my Kindle the rest of the time. I usually have a couple books going at one time in various forms (physical book, audio book and ebook). I also have managed a book club since early 2012. I am glad that my kids have become avid readers as well.

Book Love

I keep a blog because I want to “journal” things. I am glad to have readers, but I do this for me. If you don’t like the content…wait until tomorrow. You might like it then. 🙂 And if not, well, maybe I’m just not for you. I tend to be quite random about what I post here. But I suppose that is because I am a very random person! I am really working on embracing doing things for me and not for everyone else. Which is a hard thing to do as a pleaser.

I get incredibly nervous to try new things, but I am working to get over that fear. It’s quite debilitating at times and frankly no fun. I am mostly afraid to fail. I am learning that failing is ok. You learn from it and grow. So it isn’t all bad!

Hays on the 4th

My hubby currently works for Google. He works with some of the most interesting and smartest people I know. And he is the smartest of them all (I’m not biased at all!). This guy never ceases to amaze me with all he knows and all he can do! He is always building something and working on various projects. He is so amazing!

When my hubby got a job at Google, we uprooted ourselves from Minnesota and moved to Seattle. We were there for a year and decided it wasn’t a place we wanted to stay and moved back home. Chuck still works for Google and we moved back into our house in Minnesota which was both weird and convenient.

We recently sold that house that we had for 11 years and are currently building our dream home on Lake Minnetonka. We thought long and hard about getting a cabin, but with the sports our kids play, weekends away just wouldn’t really work. So we started to pursue the idea of living on the lake full time. We found a perfect place to build the house we want and have been enjoying (and at times going a little crazy) with the process.

Let me know if there is anything else you might want to know about me! I’m quite chatty (as you can probably tell) and am an open book on most things!

Andi at the lake