intentions I came across a post on Instragram recently that laid out some intentions for 2021. I am not one to do a word or theme or set resolutions for the year, but these “intentions” seemed like something I wanted more of in my life. Especially as we are upon the year mark of this pandemic.

Here are the intentions that were listed in the post.

  • I am resting more.
  • I am not allowing anyone to talk me back into reviving unhealthy relationships.
  • I will not question my gut; I will listen closely the first time.
  • I will take changes in my best interest.
  • I am not sharing my joy with people who won't reciprocate my energy.
  • I will combat the tendency to personalize my experiences with others.
  • I will say "no" instead of pacifying people by saying "maybe".
  • I am showing up as my full, authentic self, no matter the setting.
  • I am leaning more into my needs and tending to myself.
  • I am giving up on convincing people about who I am.

I loved these because they seemed so fitting after the shit show that was 2020. As I have said in other previous posts, I have learned a lot about myself during this pandemic. Some of the things I didn’t like very much and made some changes and other aspects I have embraced.

At 40, I am still trying to give fewer fucks about what people think about me. All this time isolated from people has taught me that I really don’t care what people think. I don’t care if people like my house, my car, my design choices, if I’m stylish enough (I’m going to wear whatever the hell I want and that makes me feel good), if my hair parts in the center or the side (although I have tried the center part and really couldn’t care less where my hair parts), or any of the other nonsense I used to think were important.

I am going to be intentional about spending my time and energy doing more things that bring me joy and spending my time with people who make me happy. I am a pleaser by nature and too many times I put myself in situations that aren’t good for me just to please other people. I am going to be intentional about putting myself, my feelings and my family first.

I know that I am not perfect, not always easy to get along with, I have opinions and I’m not afraid to share them and I can be an acquired taste with how in-your-face I am. And that is who I am. I am going to intentionally try more hard things and things that scare me (there are LOTS) and I am going to embrace failure and use it as a learning experience and not be defeated.

I am going to return to these intentions periodically (and maybe even hang them on my wall) because they are reminders of things I want in my life to help me be a version of myself I like and am proud to be every single day.


header Ponder This:

  • Do you set intentions, goals, words, or resolutions each year?
  • Do you have anything you have learned about yourself from this pandemic?