sky Lately, I have been feeling a lot of emotions as I am sure many of you have been as well. It’s quite a wide range of emotions and for a wide range of reasons.

Excitement – I’m excited because, well, house! It has been a huge undertaking and we have learned so much. It’s so exciting to finally be so close to living in our house.

Sadness – I have felt a lot a sadness lately. Some for the loss of our old neighborhood and friends and some because I haven’t been more sad (which will be another post soon). Sadness has been a big part of COVID and just feeling sad about how isolated we have been from people and what used to be normal. I’ve been sad for some things friends are going through and sad that I can’t be there easily in person.

Anger – I’ve been angry at the state of the country right now. Angry at how people are treated and angry at those who support Trump and what he stands for. It is too hard to find any common ground with those who support him. I cannot fathom their thought process and I’m just angry with those who think his leadership and actions are ok.

Happiness – I’m so happy that we are slowly getting back into sports for the kids. Since being away from friends and a lot of family, it has felt nice to go back to a sport and get them socializing. It is still an activity we are watching closely to make sure it is being done safely. So far it is. if we feel like it is not safe, or proper precautions are not being taken, we will stop. But it feels really good to send them and I love their happy faces when they are done.

Lonliness – I’ve been so lonely at times and miss my date nights with my husband and dinner dates with my girl friends. I miss having brunch and lunches on a whim and going on walks with them. I miss playdates and just hanging at my friends’ houses. I feel lonely when I just want to hug another mom or friend and cry with them. I feel lonely when I have to connect with them through zoom or catch up through 30 second video messages.

Thankful – I feel so thankful that Chuck and I both work at home and have the option and opportunity to be able to choose distance learning for our kids. I have really enjoyed our new morning routines and I have been extremely happy with the kids’ teachers. I have felt so thankful for all the teachers and the hard work they have done. I’m thankful for how welcoming the school and teachers have been about being newcomers.

So many emotions go through me every day. Some days are awesome and I feel like super mom. Other days I wonder if I will survive one more day in this house with everyone and just want to be alone. But I know that this stage of life will pass and I will look back at it as a blink of an eye. And probably miss these days.


So today, I am so glad that this beautiful sun rises every morning and grants us a new day to start fresh, have new emotions and be alive to feel each and every one.

header Ponder This:

  • What are some emotions you have been feeling lately?
  • What makes your emotions shift day to day (or hour to hour, minute to minute)?
  • What are things you are dealing with?
  • What are things you are going to let go of to start fresh tomorrow?